Boli and Palpayasam



Boli, the south Indian counterpart to puran poli is commonly served with kerala feast, sadya as a dessert. And trust me, homemade bolis just melt in your mouth and complements well with palpayasam. Here is the recipe of delicious boli..

Recipe for Boli

Ingredients required

Cooked Channa dal/Kadalaparippu/Yellow pigeon peas- 2 cups

All purpose flour/ Maida – 1 cup

granulated sugar- 1 cup

elaichi/Cardamom powder- 1 tsp

Rice flour- 1/4 cup

Gingelly oil- 4 tbsp

Ghee- 9 tsp

Method of Preparation

Make a dough by kneading maida,salt and enough water. Then add 3 tbsp gingelly oil and again knead add reserve the dough.

Grind cooked lentil/channa dal/kadalaparippu without adding water.

Add sugar to it.

Heat a saucepan and nicely stir till sugar crystals are dissolved.
Make round ball with the dough as well as with the kadalaparippu/channa dal/lentil patse.

When making balls make sure that lentils/channa dal/kadalaparippu balls is double that of maida balls.

You can make 9 balls out of it.

Roll out a maida ball little bit,place a lentil ball over it . Cover a maida ball fully over a lentil ball.

Repeat the same with all the balls.

Roll out this to flat thin tortillas(like chapathis) by dusting with rice flour.


Now heat a pan and cook both the sides by spreading 1 tsp ghee over each one uniformly.(Just flip both the sides with ghee)


Boli is ready. It is best when served with Palpayasam.



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