Chakka Oats Pradhaman


Chakka Oats Pradhaman / Payasam is a dessert beautifully combining two healthy ingredients to create a super delicious Kerala dessert.

The beauty of a Pradhaman/ Payasam is that you can easily use unsual ingredients and create this wonderfully delicious Kerala dessert. I would love to share my experiences during this Onam.

The recreation club of my Office conducted different games and sports during the festive season which lasted for over two weeks. I had the chance of  conducting ‘Ruchi’ competition where I prepared payasam and the contestants(my colleagues) had to taste and list out the ingredients. It was such a beautiful experience to me. The ingredients that I used for making payasam was Rajali banana, Pumpkin, Yam and Split yellow dal apart from other common ingredients. And not much to my surprise, even a single person could guess yam although may were able to guess the other three main ingredients.

Moving back to Chakka Oats Pradhaman, I can vouch for the taste of this  payasam . The taste went beyond my expectation and hopefully each one out there who is gonna try this payasam will love it as I did.

Recipe for Chakka Oats Pradhaman

Ingredients Required

Jackfruit/ Varukka chakka pulp – 1 and 1/2 cups (Cook till turns pulpy and blend , reserve for later use)

Oats – 1 cup

Jaggery/ Sharkara –  400 gm

Ghee  – 100 gm

Raisins and Cashwenuts  – 50 g

Coconut milk – That of 1 coconut.(Both thick milk and thin milk extracted and reserve separately)

Cardomom / Elaichi  powder  – 1 tsp

Rice powder – ¼ cup(if required)

Salt – A pinch

Method of Preparation

Add jaggery in a pot after adding little water and let it melt. Strain when done and reserve for later use.

Heat 50 gms of ghee in a large pan/uruli . Roast oats till it turns light brown Now add jackfruit pulp and continue sauté.

Now add jaggery syrup and continue stirring and let it roll boil for around 5 minutes. Add thin coconut milk to this and let it roll boil for some time. Now add thick milk and allow to roll boil for some time.

If you find pradhaman to be watery in texture add rice poder after mixing with some water. And keep stirring until pradhaman is of consistency of medium thick batter.

Finally roast cashewnuts and raisins in remaining ghee and add into the prepared pradhman. Remove from heat and add elachi powder/cardamom powder and a pinch of salt.

Now the yummy pradhaman is ready to be served. Bon Appetite!!!!!!!!

Chakka Oats Pradhaman

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