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Chickoo Pudding /Sapodilla Pudding/Supporta Pudding

chickoo pudding

Chickoo/Sapodilla/Supporta, a common fruit available in India very cheap and you get it round the year. I have always felt it is a kind of ignored fruit when it comes to dessert, people either eat it as such or prepare chickoo shake. I used to adore Chickoo shake(during college days either chickoo shake or sharjah shake was the most commonly ordered drink by me from the juice corner ) so much that I have done quite a few recipes with this fruit, most of it turning out to be good. I have prepared Chickoo pudding umpteen times and was relished by many.

I have always prepared this using chickoo pulp without any lumps. But when you prepare the same thing again and again you tend to become more casual , Right? Atleast in my case it happens and recently when I prepared it instead of grinding to a pulp, I just mashed the fruit leaving some chunks of it, the result was amazing. The chunks of chickoo settled at the bottom rendering a kind of double layered look. I can assure you that you will love this pudding

Recipe for Chickoo/Sapodilla pudding

Ingredients required

Chickoo-4 no.s

Milk-500 ml

Condensed milk-2 tbsp

Sugar-4 tbsp

Fresh cream-Half a cup

Gelatin-2 tbsp

Method of Preparation

Unpeel and Deseed chickoo and mash it nicely to get a two layer kinda pudding. (If you grind to a paste, well and good-You still get a tasty pudding)

Soak gelatin in quarter cup of cold water and reserve. Boil milk, condensed milk and sugar continuously stirring it.

Now add in soaked gelatin, keep stirring until gelatin is fully melted in. Remove from heat, stir for a minute, and add chickoo pulp and stir well.

Finally fold in fresh cream and pour it in to pudding dish or jelly mould.

Refrigerate for the pudding to get set. If jelly mould is used demould it after setting .Now enjoy……

Chickoo Pudding /Sapodilla Pudding/Supporta Pudding

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