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Moist Chocolate cake – The Best Ever!!!

BTECH days’— the best days of my life. I did my B TECH in College of Engineering, Trivandrum where I spend the most beautiful days enjoying with my friends-Full of happiness, joy and all funs. Although we had lots of work, life was so smooth and jovious during those four years. Now four years passed by like waves but still many memories stay afresh-bunking classes, all those strikes, mass cuts, hanging out every now and then, gossiping….We had series tests every now and then followed by university exams and as a last resort we (a gang of five) conduct combine study (I wait till the last moment to study). Mariam’s home situated at Thycaud, Trivandrum will be the venue most of the times as it is a convenient destination.[ Still remembering Mariam’s great efforts to teach us ,should appreciate her teaching skills]Mariam’s Mom used to give yummy, moist chocolate cakes which I used to adore. I really don’t remember how many times I have had those delicious cakes. Each time I have it I wanted to prepare it. I didn’t have a baking oven then but I took the recipe from her as soon as I got one. This recipe has been tried and tested number of times. Try this yummy chocolate cake sometime and do tell me how it tastes…….

Recipe(Source:-Mariam’s Mom)

Ingredients required

All purpose flour-1 cup

Butter-100 g

Cocoa powder-Half a cup

Granulated sugar-1 cup(powdered)

Baking powder-1tsp

Baking  Soda -1tsp

Curd- 1/4  cup

Milk powder- 1/4  cup

Eggs- 2

Vanilla extract-1 tbsp

Warm water- 2 tbsp

Method of Preparation

Preheat oven at 200  C .

Sieve all the dry ingredients i.e all purpose flour,cocoa powder, baking powder and baking soda, three times and reserve.

Now using an electric beater beat eggs, butter,sugar and vanilla essence till it turns fluffy. Add curd and milk powder and beat thoroughly to mix.

Add warm water and again beat it to get it done. Now fold in reserved sieved ingredients with a spoon not all at a time but one-third of the mix at a time.

In a baking tray apply butter or oil and dust using flour(You can also use parchment paper). Pour the prepared batter and bake for 40 minutes.(Time may vary in your oven) Leave it to cool and turn the cake down.

Now just dig in 🙂 …..


Happy Baking !!!!

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