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Kerala cuisine Starters / Tea-time snacks

Kadalayappam – കാസറകോട് നിന്നും ഒരു കറുമുറെ

Kadalayappam is basically batter fried Gram which is so very crisp and perfect for munching with tea or coffee.

A few months spent at the northern most part of Kerala,Kasaragod  has left behind some good-hearted collegues and few good neighbours for a lifetime.

I always believe that to understand regional taste and culture, short duration of time is  enough. But even then, now when I look back, there is a strong feeling that as a foodie I should have explored a little more on the local cuisine of Kasaragod. But one thing is sure……..People over there prefer to have homely food and they seldom eat out.So I could find very few shops where you could get authentic Kasaragod recipes. Infact those were small outlets which provides tea time snacks which were eihter Kannada cuisine

Coming back to today’s blog post, unlike other parts of Kerala, People of Kasaragod consumes large quantity of Pottukadala (Bengal roasted gram). Here is a recipe from pottukadala that I learned from Fathima, my short time neighbour at Kasaragod. With staying just over 3 months at kasaragod, I got to learn some good recipes which I would love to post as when time permits.

Recipe for Kadalayappam

Split peas/Pottukala –  200 g

Raw rice/Pachari -3/4 cup

Egg – 1

Salt – As per taste

Oil- For Frying

Method of Preparation

Soak Raw rice overnight and grind it by adding enough water , egg and salt such that it is a loose better.(Such that it just coats the back of the spoon. )

Put the whole batch of kadala into the ground batter. Heat oil and deep fry all the gram .(While it is frying just tap gently over the gram so that it is seperated. It is O K if some of it are clustered.)

Kadalayappam is ready to be served. Serve when it is cools. Store in an air-tight box. It stays good for raound 10 days.



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