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Kulukki Sarbath / Spicy Lemonade

Kulukki Sarbath is  spicy lemonade that has taken centre stage from quite sometime when it comes to street drinks in Kerala . The very sight of shaking(kulukki means shaking) the sarbath is so tempting,Isn’t it??When I was preparing it at home , my 2 year old little one was pulling my dress from behind to grab the glass as he wanted to do it. The spicy twist of lemonade and shking gives it a different flavour compared to ordinary lemonade.

Do try and sure you are gonna enjoy this spicy drink.

Recipe of Kulukki Sarbath

Ingredients Required

1 Indian lemon

A small piece ginger

1 green chilli

Sugar syrup- As per taste

Basil seeds/ Sabja seeds/ Kasha kasha – 4 tbsp(soaked for around half an hour)

Method of Preparation

If you have a commercial shaker jar well, good. Otherwise you can easily be able to find it in your kitchen, I suppose. Steel tall glass that fits around the the other smaller glass will easily do the job.Or even a glass jar with lid will do the job.

In the serving glass, add 2 tbsp basil seeds and reserve aside.

On to the jar/glass squeeze half a lemon   and add half of the crushed  chilli and ginger ,addd water , sugar syrup and don’t forget to put the lemon out of which juice has been squeezed(it adds real good flavour) .Place shaker glass over it and shake by holding both the hands for few seconds.(I seriously enjoyed doing this)

Strain the shaken drink to the prepared serving glass with basil seeds.Put icecubes as required and serve immediately.

Kulukki Sarbath


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