Maladdoo / Pottukadalai Laddoo


Maladdoo / Pottukadalai Laddoo

Maladdoo is delicious melt-in mouth delectable sweet that can be enjoyed equally by kids and adults.

One of those easiest dessert that you can make anytime when you crave for sweet and I swear homemade Maaladdoo by far is superior to the storebought one.

And if you are on weight losing regime don’t ever attempt making this or you would end up eating not just one. 🙂 🙂

Ingredients Required

Pottukadala/  – 200 g

Sugar – Half a cup to Three quarter of a cup( depends on sweetness you prefer)

Ghee – 150 – 200 g

Powdered Cardamom-  ¼ tsp

Method of Preparation

Grind pottukadala to fine prowder. To this add sugar and again grind till you get a nice powdery mix.

Tranfer to a bowl and add cardamom powder.

Now pour 150 g ghee to this.

Mix this well with your hands and make it into small balls laddoo. If you find the mix too dry, add in ghee so as to get nice wet mix.

You can store these in airtight containers and this may easily keep upto 10 days.

Note:- Make sure all the utensils you use to make laddoo is dry and clean. Also make laddoos with dry clean hands to increase shelf life.

maladdooBon Appetite!!!!!

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