Prawn fritters


Prawn Fritters-I love having hot fritters on rainy days. How about you? It’s raining heavily over here ….I love eating fritters (any fritters will do) with a cup of tea on rainy days. Prawn fritters is a real simple recipe all the prawn lovers will definitely relish.The preparation time is very less and when you take a bite of the fritter the succulent and tender prawns renders a divine taste.

Recipe for prawn fritters

Ingredients required

Prawns(devein and remove shell)-7-8no.s

Garlic-2 flakes

Black pepper powder-1 tsp

Onion(chopped)-1 tbsp

Salt-According to your taste

Green chillies-1

Refined Oil-For frying(I used sunflower oil but any refined oil will do)

Method of Preparation

Make a paste of prawns, Garlic, Black pepper powder ,Onion, Green chillies and salt by grinding.

Make small balls and flatten into disc shapes.

Now heat a saucepan and deep fry the prepared mix.

Make sure it is not over-fried for making it juicy and tender inside.Otherwise it becomes rubbery.

You can garnish with some onion rings. Serve with chilli sauce.

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