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Sitaphal basundi – Simple & elegant dessert

Sitaphal basundi is just the right recipe for me to make a comeback in the world of blogging. Sitaphal basund is a simple, elegant dessert that you can eat any time full of flavours and yumminess that anyone can enjoy anytime.

It’s true that life kept me busy all these days but it would be unfair if I say that I didnt get time for blogging. All along ,I was the happiest Mom of a 2 year old boy who loves to hang around his mother . His cuteness and curiosity drives me crazy like any other Mom and running behind him is a daily routine now.He is very choosy about food and has a very small  menu that appeals him. Seriously, he is testing my culinary skills.

Recipe for Sitaphal Basundi

Ingredients required

Sitaphal/Custard Apple pulp – 1/2 cup (Remove outer covering, Deseed and extract pulp)

Full fat milk – 3/4 litre

Half a tin condensed milk

Sugar – 2 to 5 tbsp

Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp

Almond flakes  – For garnishing

Method of Praparation

Boil milk and condensed milk together and keep stirring.

Continue stirring until the mixture becomes rich and thick. Add sugar as per your taste and keep stirring.

Remove from heat and cardamom powder.

Let it cool down and then add custard apple pulp.

Transfer to serving glasses.

Garnish with almond flakes and serve.

Bon Appetite!!!!!!

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