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Superquick Chilli Mushroom

I have not really experimented with mushrooms. Infact mushrooms were just confined to making mezhukkuperatti/ stir fry(a hot favourite in my family) and mushroom masala.

Recently in a cooking show a renowned chef was talking about mushrooms and the word ‘umami’ . I was hearing the word first time and was much surprised to know that mushrooms can deliver ajinimoto(glutamate) kinda taste(pleasant savoury taste to be precise) . And now I am looking forward to more umami inspired recipes.

Back to the chilli mushrooms, this recipe is superquick with less ingredients.This was my first trial but turned out to be a great success.

Superquick Chilli mushroom

Ingredients required

Button mushrooms – 200g(each cut into two)

Onion – 2 medium sized(cut into big cubes)

Garlic – 7-8 small cloves(chopped)

Kashmiri Red chilli powder- 2 tbsp

Salt as per requirement

Dark soya sauce – 2 tbsp

Red chilli sauce – 1 tbsp

Tomato sauce – 1 tbsp

Refined oil – as per requirement

Coriander leaves – 6-7 sprigs(chopped)

For the batter for frying

Corn flour – 2 tbsp

1 small sized egg

Soya sauce – ½ tbsp

Salt = as per requirement

Method of Preparation

Prepare batter and mix thoroughly mushrooms in the batter.

Deep fry mushrooms and reserve.

Heat 3 tbsp oil in a wok (oil used for frying mushrooms) add garlic and sauté.

Then add onions till it turns translucent. Add chilli powder, soya sauce, red chilli sauce , tomato sauce and salt as per taste. Saute for few minutes. Add fried mushrooms  and sauté for 3-4 minutes.

Finally add in coriander leaves , sauté and turn off heat.

The superquick chilli mushroom is ready to be served.It can be coupled with rice, chapathi, pathiri, paalada…

Note:- Never use non-stick pan.

Use high flame only.

You can add capsicum or red bell pepper or both .

chilli mushroom

Happy Cooking!!!!!

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