Two ingredient Nutella Cake – That too flourless!!!!



The moment I came to know about Two ingredient Nutella cake from Nicko’s Kitchen, I found it so fascinating to try it out. I am not exaggerating, you just need nutella and eggs to prepare this cake. It is an easy and simple recipe that makes you say “Wow”. I know, many out there loves to lick nutella while spreading in bread , Right?( I am that kinda person). Apart from bread spread you can make thousands of desserts from this chocolate-hazelnut spread.I am sure that no cake recipe is as simple as Two ingredient nutella cake.O k you can argue if you are using ready made cake mix 🙂 Now check out the recipe and see……

Recipe for Two ingredient Nutella Cake

Ingredients required

Nutella- 240 g

Eggs- 4

Method of Preparation

Beat the eggs with the help of an electric beater till the volume is tripled.( Now this is the most important part, make sure that the utensil used and the beater is perfectly dry) In a bowl measure out nutella and add egg mix one-fourth at a time. Fold in slowly. In the same way add in the remaining egg mix to the nutella. Prepare a cake tin by spreading oil and dusting flour. Pour in nutella-egg mix. Bake in a preheated oven at 200° C for 20-25 minutes. The nutella cake is ready. Demould only after it is cooled completely.I dusted some icing sugar on top of the cake which is purely optional.


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