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Chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup

I do watch cookery shows and few years back a show on NDTV Good times ‘Do It Sweet’ by Chef Vicky Ratnani was one of my favourite cookery shows. I used to adore his recipes which were so unique and all of his recipes sounded awesome. He had prepared a recipe on the show ‘Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolates’ and I still remember the way he moulded a chocolate cup using silicon mould. The filling constituted chocolate.

I wanted to prepare then itself but silicon moulds were not available in stores as today. Now I have a silicon muffins tray which I have used to mould a cup made of chocolate. Chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup is a yummy dessert where chocolate mousse is filled in a chocolate cup. I prepared just one chocolate cup and filling for it as I have to eat the whole thing( I can eat chocolates like anything but I really want to keep a check on my weight and Abu is a chocolate hater, especially if it is dark chocolate). Do check out and tell me how you find this dessert……….

Recipe for Chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup

For Chocolate cup

Double boil dark chocolate till one string consistency. Pour it to the mould while it is still hot and with turn around the silicon mould so that the chocolate is spread inside the muffin mould uniformly.


Place it on freezer for 5-6 minutes.

Take it out from freezer and open up the mould to get the chocolate cup as you can see in the photo. (You can prepare only one chocolate cup at a time and edges.



For Chocolate mousse

Ingredients required (For filling on a single chocolate cup)

Dark chocolate/Milk Chocolate- 75 gm

Peanut butter-1 teaspoon

Fresh cream- 3 tbsp

Egg yolk- 1

Vanilla essence-1/2 tsp

Method of Preparation

Double boil chocolate by stirring it continuously and when it melts up add egg yolk, fresh cream.

Keep stirring when it gets mixed up well remove from heat and now add peanut butter, vanilla essence and stir.

Mousse is ready and scoop out this to the chocolate cup(Garnish with a fresh cherry on top) and now it is ready to be served. It tastes better when chilled……



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