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Crispy prawn bread


Crispy prawn bread is prawn flavoured tiny little crisps that can be served as starter or a snack item. The preparation is really simple and tastes delicious too. Do try it out at home….

Recipe for Crispy prawn bread

Ingredients required

Bread slices(cut the edges and cut into diagonally into triangle shapes)- 16 triangle shaped slices(You may have to use 8 bread slices)

Prawns(deshelled and deveined)- 1 cup(heads should be removed)

Onion- 1 small piece(1/4 th of a medium sized onion)

Garlic- 6 flakes

Ginger- 1 small piece

Green chillies- 3 no.s

Pepper powder- 1 tsp

Garam masala- A pinch(Optional)

Salt as per taste

Refined oil- For frying

Processed cheese- 1 cup(grated)(I used Amul processed cheese and for this recipe only processed cheese works)

You also need absorbent papers or kitchen tissues for this recipe.

Method of Preparation

Grind Prawns, onion,garlic ,ginger,green chillies,pepper powder ,garam masala and salt ,to a paste.

Reserve this paste.

Over one side of the bread slices spread this paste to 1 inch thickness.

Meanwhile heat oil in a saucepan. Deep fry these slices ( It just requires less than a minute and prawns gets cooked easily..Make sure that it is fully dipped in hot oil. It normally floats over the oil ,so use a spoon to make it dipped. This is done to ensure prawn is cooked well)

Place these immediately over absorbent papers.

Spread grated cheese over it immediately while it is hot.(Otherwise it wouldn’t get melted)

Crispy Prawn bread is ready….

Happy Cooking!!!!!

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