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Honey Jam Cake – Moist and luscious

The recipe which I am gonna share here is that of Honey Jam cake that is moist and drenched in honey syrup that is absolutely luscious.

Life is full of surprises and miracles. As you go by, you will realize that life opens up full of twists that make you awestruck …..Definitely The Almighty has planned best for you.

I still remember when both of us; me and Shira used to visit Harbour Engineering Department (my present office which is just over a km from our home then) for getting our certificates attested. At one point Shira had even asked if I could get a job in that office and my reply was “It’s really tough; you need to qualify PSC tests” and Alhamdulillah after so many years, now I am working in the same office where my hometown was. Now I enjoy the privilege of walking around the streets where I was born and brought up. Many at times people coming for attestation identify me from my surname asking my father, the privilege which I enjoy so much.

But again life unfolds new surprises that it’s time for me to leave Trivandrum and shift to Kollam. Shira keeps asking me “Don’t you miss Trivandrum when you leave here” .As of now, I feel that the priority should be to move in with my husband and definitely family should be my first priority. As part of job, I have been to Palakkad, Kasargod, Malappuram and Alhamdulillah I have learnt to become a part of that place. But still there are many concerns for which I have no answer.

Allah has always been kind enough to take care of my concerns. As always I leave all my concerns to the Almighty whom I believe loves me so much and won’t turn over my concerns.

Recipe for Honey Jam Cake (Slightly modified the recipe of    Suhaina Ajish of My Singapore Kitchen)

Ingredients required

For the cake sponge

1.5 cups+2 tablespoon of plain flour,

 200 gms of butter,

1 cup granulated sugar (powdered)

 4 egss

 1 tsp of baking powder,

1tsp of vanilla essence

2 tbsp grated coconut

For the honey syrup

3/4 cup of water,

5 tsp of sugar

1/4 cup of honey,

For topping

Mixed fruit jam – 200 g (melted with a tablespoon of water)

Dessicated coconut – As required for sprinkling over the top

As too much aeration is not required for this cake, follow one bowl cake method. Mix everything except flour and baking powder and beat until everything is incorporated well. Finally add in flour and baking powder and beat well. Bake the vanilla sponge at 180 ‘ C for 35 to 40 minutes (check the timings for your oven).I have used 7 inch square tin. Meanwhile prepare honey syrup. Add all the ingredients required for making honey syrup and boil only until sugar dissolves. Let the syrup cool down.

 Cool the cake completely and with the help of a fork pierce the cake randomly. Drizzle the honey syrup. Let the cake sit for few hours so that the honey syrup is soaked completely. Now take jam. (Here I have used Kissan fruit jam)

Melt it a bit and pour over the cake top. Finally sprinkle it up with desiccated coconut.

Note: —You can always adjust the sugar level according to your taste buds. You can adjust it in either in the cake or in the syrup.

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