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Mutton Dum Biriyani

Mutton Dum Biriyani is a common festive menu among Kerala Muslims.  For Muslim marriages across Kerala, Mutton Dum Biriyani is a must along with raita,pappadam,dates-tamarind chutney and chicken fry. The use of Kaima rice for biriyani is common only in Kerala(specially North Kerala) although basmati rice is widely used too.I crave for both actually depending upon my mood and you just change the rice used with same masala and you emerge yourself with a new awesome biriyani . For me , biriyani  is something that I can make quickly and I always feel this one pot meal is easiest to put in compared to ordinary Kerala meal.

Although this version has more of north Indian flavours owing to the use of Basmati Rice, addition of saffron and omission of tomatoes. From my personal experience, adding tomatoes renders a real different flavour to biriyani and tomato-less biriyani is awesome too.I can vouch upon this recipe to be one of the best that I have tried till date and surely for this Bakrid, I am gonna go with this recipe.What about you????

Mutton Dum Biriyani

Ingredients Required

Mutton – ½ kg

BASMATI Rice – 2 cups(soaked for atleast half an hour)

Ghee – 150g

Onion – 2 no.s(medium sized and sliced into half moon shape)+3 no.s for frying and using for layering

Fennel powder – 1 tsp

Handful of cashewnuts and raisins

Saffron – ½ tbsp soaked in little milk

A bunch of coriander leaves and mint leaves(chopped)

For the marinade

Yogurt – ¼ cup

Salt – As per taste

Turmeric powder – ½ tsp

For grinding into a paste

Ginger – 2  1-inch piece

Garlic  -1 whole(medium sized)

Cloves – 5 no.s

Star anise  -1 whole

Green cardamom-6-7

Mace – 3-4 pieces

Green chillies – 5 no.s

For dum

Maida – 2 cups


Marinate mutton for about 2-3 hours with the marinade listed in ingredients. Also soak basmati rice in water for minimum half an hour.

Grind the spice paste with the ingredients listed.

Fry sliced onion in oil and in the same oil fry cashewnuts and raisins for later use. Reserve these.

Boil 4-5 cups of water by adding salt and when it roll boils add basmati rice .When it is 80% cooked, drain and reserve.

Heat 50 g ghee in a wok. Saute onion till translucent. Add the ground paste, fennel powder, salt and continue sauté.

Add marinated mutton pieces and let it simmer until mutton is cooked.

For layering

In a biriyani pot or large pot First spread half of the prepared mutton masala , then half of the reserved rice with a colander or spotted spoon.Now pour ghee generously,then half of soaked saffron ,sprinkle half of the fried onions,cashewnuts and raisins. Sprinkle half of coriander leaves and mint leaves.

Again repeat the same for another layer.

Make a maida dough ,roll along the lid to seal. Now place the pot in low flame for around 20-30 minutes(Until the dough gets cooked )

Open up the lid to taste an awesome aromatic and flavourful mutton dum biriyani.

mutton dum biriyani

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