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Naadan vettucake

Naadan vettucake / fried cakes speaks about the history of baking of Kerala which once existed in place of baked cakes that is easily available today. Now it is not that commonly prepared but certainly it’s a nostalgia for me. Watching the process of making these cakes in my Grandma’s house was a great happiness at that age..

Check out the recipe….

Recipe for Naadan vettucake

Ingredients required

Maida / All purpose flour – 1 kg

Eggs – 7 no.s

Granulated sugar – 400 g

Salt – 1/4 tsp

cardamom powder – 1 tsp

Yellow colour – 1/4 tsp

Baking soda – 1/4 tbsp

Ghee – For kneading

Oil – For frying

Method of Preparation

In a container add eggs and sugar. With spoon whisk well until sugar crystals is dissolved fully.

Make sure that the container used is perfectly dry.To this add baking soda , salt ,yellow colour and cardamom powder and mix well.
Then add flour little by little and start kneading. In between spread your hands with ghee.

Continue kneading till it is a uniform mix(Just after all the flour is added.)

It will not be a soft dough.(In fact it shouldn’t be.)

Cover the dough with a damp towel for 1 hour.

Now divide the dough into 3 and roll out each to oval shape and to a thickness of 2 cm.

With a knife ,make cuts in the longer direction.

Now cut off dough into rhombus shapes.

In each one make a slit across the centre.

Deep Fry these in a pan.


It can be stored in air-tight containers and stored for upto 1 week.

naadan vettucake

Happy Cooking!!!!


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