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Rava/Semolina Ladoo

Rava Ladoo is my Mom’s favourite and she has prepared it umpteen times for herself :).She eats so much of sweets that she can even skip her meals for that matter;  I know there are many readers out there like my Ummachi(that’s how I call her) who would love to eat Rava ladoos. It is the speciality of  our country that for any auspicious function, ladoos are commonly served and you have innumerable varieties of ladoos available. Rava ladoo is so easy to make,that too with just 5 ingredients if raisins is not considered as an ingredient. So check out the recipe and try for yourself

Rava/Semolina Ladoo(My mother’s recipe

Ingredients required

Rava/Sooji/Semolina -1 cup

Powdered sugar-Half a cup(It is a bit too sweet.if you want to be less sweet reduce the quantity of sugar)

Cardamom powder-1 tsp

Hot water-A small bowl

Ghee/Clarified butter-3 tbsp

A handful of Raisins

Method of Preparation

Heat a sauce-pan,add ghee and roast raisins and reserve. Now add Semolina/Sooji/Rava into the same saucepan and saute’ till it is roasted well(You will get the aroma of it when it is roasted) Now add in the sugar and cardamom powder and mix it up for 2-3 minutes(No need of melting up the entire sugar). Now in a food processor/Mixie powder rava mix.Now drizzle some hot water over it ,mix with hands and make small balls by squeezing it between your palms by adding raisins on it.(If it is not forming balls drizzle some more water and then make balls.Also if raisins could be seen outside, it looks better) Now the ladoos are ready.

rava ladoo

Happy Cooking!!!

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