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Three Ingredient Chickoo Icecream

No cooking required and with just three ingredients an icecream can be prepared. It sounds interesting, Right?

Three ingredient chickoo icecream is an incredibly tasty icecream  with the lovely infusion of chickoo / sapodilla/ supporta. I love chickoo so much which is lavishly available in our country but unfortunately it is not given much importance in our desserts. Chickoo pudding is also another divine tasting dessert, the recipe of which I have already shared.Chickoo  Icecreams is available at markets but at a much expensive price compared to the price of chickoo.

Why don’t you give a try at home when homemade icecreams can be made so easily,cheap and quick??Do check out the recipe…………..


Ingredients Required

Chickoo/supporta/Sapodilla pulp- ½ cup(Remove peel and deseed.then blend to get the pulp.The number of chickoo required depends on its size. The chickoo that I used was not too sweet.If your fruit is too sweet it is required to take only ¼ cup)

Fresh Cream – 200 ml(I have used 1 small packet of Amul fresh cream)

Condensed milk- 200 ml

Method of Preparation

Whip up all the ingredients using an electric beater.

Freeze until set.Again take out of frezzer and beat up using an electric beater. Again freeze the mix until done.

Serve into scoops after it is set.

Garnish wih cashenuts and raisins if required.

Three Ingredient Chickoo Icecream

Three Ingredient Chickoo Icecream

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